TactStack Opportunities

A consolidated pipeline tracker with a clear

overview of each stage in every pipeline by campaign

TactStack Opportunities is a tactical pipeline management solution

that makes it easy to track, manage, and optimize your processes.

With TactStack, users can drag-and-drop opportunities through every stage

of every pipeline and track key metrics rates each step of the way.

Customizable Deal Stages

  • Customized to fit your business

  • Quickly identify where each opportunity is in your sales process

  • Make data-driven decisions

Track Lead Information

  • Store notes, attachments, and data for lead information

  • Capture all necessary information in one place

  • User-friendly dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of all opportunities

Kanban Board View

  • Visualize your Pipelines

  • Montior multiple lines of Buiness

  • Track Pipeline Value