TactStack Contacts

A consolidated CRM solution that simplifies

contact management and relationships with smart segmentation

TactStack Contacts is a tactical CRM solution that organizes your database.

Easily import, sort, and segment your contacts with smart lists and tags.

With TactStack, users can schedule and assign tasks, leave notes,

and even schedule appointments from one tab (or from their phone with TactStack Mobile)

Contact Management

  • Store thousands of customer and prospect contacts

  • Create smart lists

  • Tag, segment, and organize based on unique criteria

Unified Grouping

  • Track key accounts to identify cross-sells and up-sells

  •  Personalized communication

  • Group contacts by company, demographics, engagement

Single Interface

  • Better customer relationships

  • Improved efficiency, no navigating between multiple platforms

  •  Consolidate all your contacts in one place